discoveringChrist – FALL 2018

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Saturday, October 27th. 12:00-5:00pm



Every Monday evening, beginning Sept 17th and ending Nov 5th, discoveringChrist will meet in the Duffy Parish Center, beginning at 6:45. Dinner ( free as always) will begin at 7pm.  Over the course of 7 weeks we’ll serve you a delicious free dinner. After dinner, you’ll watch a thought provoking video that is designed to explore the meaning and purpose of your life.  After dessert, you’ll get a chance to share your thoughts in a small group. You can talk as little or as much as you want, and it’s all done in a warm, friendly, judgement free environment. There is a one day retreat on Saturday, October 27th, and no meeting on Columbus Day ( October 8).  The entire program is free, but pre registration is necessary, so we can plan great dinners!